‘We are the Minories’ is a new incarnation of the Minories Art Gallery; run directly by the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation which owns the Minories building. 

The purpose of the Foundation as stated in its constitution is: “the Provision and maintenance of land and buildings owned by the charity as a museum and art gallery, for the exhibition of a collection or collections of objects of antiquarian interest, art or science for the benefit of the inhabitants of Colchester and of the general public.”

The directors of the Foundation are keenly aware of their social obligations; to which end they have pledged to use their clout through the Foundation to mitigate climate change, to work for social justice, inclusivity, diversity and accessibility, ensuring the representation of under-represented groups. It is on this basis that we have received an Arts Council England Culture Recovery Fund Grant.

Our current programme of activity is based on supporting emerging artists and artists from under-represented groups, to build creative capacity and resilience in the cultural sector in Colchester. We aim to do this through the reinterpretation of our collection.