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30 September 2022

We are Commoners is a new exhibition which shows how shared processes, skills and values associated with creative making contribute to thriving commons neighbourhoods.

“The commons means: Things we share/ Places we share/ Systems we share/ Ideas we share/ Culture we share” Peter Barnes, On the Commons co-founder

This thought-provoking Craftspace national touring exhibition which highlights ‘acts of commoning’ is coming to We are the Minories in Colchester on the final leg of its UK tour. These actions are shaping the way communities work together to share and steward commonly owned assets and resources. Through sixteen loans and new commissions artists will bring attention to the issues, contribute their thought leadership and participate in a call to action.

These artists provide a powerful commentary on what society stands to gain from acting to protect and reclaim our global commons. Featuring both UK based and international artists, the exhibition reflects a commons-based shift in thinking from ‘you’re on your own’ to ‘we’re in this together.’ It will investigate how creativity, making and materials can highlight how acts of commoning are creating thriving communities.

Photo: BlackwaterPolytechnic_PhotoSaraImpey

We are Commoners: News
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