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23rd March, 2023

The Victor Batte-Lay Foundation took back the lease from Colchester Institute in December last year and so is now back in the Minories building. We’ve fixed the heating and patched up the roof, and plans for opening have been developing.  We’re taking it slow, as we learn how to use the building. 
Thank you for your patience and support. We really want to make sure The Minories can flourish and blossom. As you can imagine this includes finding funding. We would welcome any donation however small. Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. And for future donors we will be extremely grateful. Even small donations make a huge impact to our success in large funding applications as they demonstrate public support (which we love!) You can donate here…

You may have enjoyed our Potfest event last month. Keep an eye open for Printmageddon, and Zinestock, (working titles…) and Vintage fairs coming soon. And an exciting collaboration with Sluice_ Art Fair with artist run organisations from around the world. We’ll be doing call outs for participants in due course.
Next, we are hosting a takeover by Colchester Archaeological Trust with an exhibition about Colchester’s city wall which opens on Tuesday 28th March. 

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