Art Gallery   ¦   Creative Community Space

Located in Colchester's Cultural Quarter, The Minories has been in the hands of the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation, since 1956. Gifted with a collection of artworks from the late Clarence Victor Batte-Lay, the Foundation and the collection have grown and adapted throughout the years to showcase a variety of works from local artists. We aim to continue embracing the creativity of the town and the communities within it.



The Faculty of Everyone is an open-access and targeted-session art school, in the spirit of the East Anglian School of Painting & Drawing that evolved from Benton End in the first half of the 20th Century. 

We are facilitating community-led and participant-designed creative projects, which use art, gardening or food, so community groups, artists, gardeners, teachers, makers - indeed, everyone - please tell us:

What kind of art would you like to see and do? 
When can you be involved? 
How can we help?